Help Promote Human Rights in Bahrain

Imagine what America would be like today if civil rights activists such as Rosa Parks and Martin Luther King, Jr. had been called terrorists by the U.S. government, castigated, tortured, and thrown into jail for life.  That is too horrible to contemplate, isn’t it?

Yet, in a country that is one of America’s important allies, a similar scenario is taking place right now.  In the 21st century. In Bahrain.  And I think that’s wrong.

Together, we can make a difference in the human rights situation in Bahrain.  Although one letter may not make a difference, many letters will.  Let’s persuade our country’s officials and Bahrain’s to take steps to effect positive change.

In this website, you will find many resources to help you learn more and suggestions for what to do to help.  The blog features updates about recent developments.  There are sections featuring links to reports, YouTube videos, mainstream news articles, and addresses of officials to whom you may wish to write.

If you wrote even one letter, Tweet, or email, just think: you could say, “I made a difference for human rights today.”

Thank you!


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