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Dan Rather Reports: Excessive Tear Gas in Bahrain (video)

New video shot by CBS photojournalist Mark Laganga (on assignment for Dan Rather Reports) documents allegations of excessive force and tear gas being used indiscriminately by Bahraini police and security forces.

Compelling video footage and commentary by Mark Laganga and Dan Rather about the real and current situation in Bahrain.

More than 30 fatalities (including an infant) are associated with the use of tear gas.  As stated in the video, people who cannot leave their homes (e.g., the elderly and young children) are especially vulnerable to the government’s daily tear gas attacks.

YouTube description:

Behind the scenes at Dan Rather Reports as we explore the “Arab Spring” uprising in Bahrain. The ongoing uprising pits the United States’ democratic ideals against the cold, hard reality of oil-driven politics. Dan Rather Reports airs Tuesdays at 8pm ET on HDNet.


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